Equipment Rental Service

Hoysan's fleet of forklifts have grown over the years, becoming distinctively one of the leading forklift operators in Jurong Port of Singapore. We offer rental plans that are flexible and reasonable rated, to cater to your different needs.

Our fleet of forklifts consists of various capacity (3-33 tons), accompanied by diverse in-house forklift attachments. We also rent forklifts (3-5 tons) with low mask to cater to height-constrained areas. To supplement our fleet, we have invested in reach stackers - forming a more comprehensive and competitive range of mechanical equipment.

Hoysan's reach stackers are globally trusted, promising high productivity, stability and hence low costs. It assures professional levels of safety and quality. With an electric control system that makes the machine truly intelligent, our reach stackers come with an automatic twistlock that enables them to respond and operate faster in different load-handling phases. Our reach stackers are available for rent for container or heavy cargos with a capacity of 42-45 tons. Download the full table for our complete listing of forklifts and reach stackers in Excel, PDF or PNG format.



Michelle Lim:+65 8163 7741 (hp)
michelle.lim (email)
Andy Tay:+65 9066 5759 (hp)
andy.tay (email)

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